Questions People Ask About Niagara

Whenever you’re considering a move, or just visiting a new area, you are bound to have a ton of questions. Well today, we’re going to tackle some of the top things that I often get asked about the Niagara Region. One is even a pet peeve of mine, so be sure to stick around to the end where I set the record straight.https://youtu.be/HoJZaJPlAIgSo let's dive right in... /*! elementor - v3.9.2 -...

Reasons to think about relocating to the Niagara Region

Has the pandemic turned your work life balance upside down - leaving you stuck in cramped quarters as you work from home, all while trying to navigate online learning with your kids? https://youtu.be/6yNcrZr0oaY The pandemic has taught us that working remotely is here to stay for so many of us. Some embraced this whole heartedly, while others found themselves confined to tiny spaces in urban centres and...

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